Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Heyday Sale Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hang in there this post is going to be a long one, but there are LOTS of bargains to tell you about.

Starting December 2nd, there is a Close To My Heart Scrapbooking and Stamping CLEARANCE SALE online!! 50%-80% Savings! Below is a list of CTMH clearance items that will be available during the December "Holiday Heyday" sale (while supplies last). Log in on December 2nd starting at 9:00am MST to purchase from a special clearance section. This sale has quantities restricted to FIVE per item to provide a smooth shopping experience for all customers and clearance items are only available through a consultant's website. Serious shipping savings apply with minimum orders. Clearance items may not be combined with regular-priced items in a single shopping cart, and clearance purchases are not eligible for Stamp of the Month.

Here is a link to my CTMH website.

This is a great way to get all the scrapbookers and cardmakers on your holiday gift list wonderful presents they’ll love at super prices. There are some great things on this list and they will go fast so log on early for the best deals. Happy Shopping!!

CC1008 Grab Bag $30.00 ($100 value) You wont be dissapointed!
Z9990 Key to My Heart Paper Pack $5.00 (one of my favorite paper packs...beautiful)
Z9991 Just Because Card Base $2.00
Z9992 Life Delights Pack $4.00
Z9993 Promise of Spring Pack $5.00
Z9994 Magic Moments Pack $10.00
Z464 Sassy Strands® Summer Carnival Collection $1.00
Z400 Sassy Strands® White Daisy Collection $1.00
Z467 Sassy Strands® Spring Blossom Collection $1.00
Z401 Sassy Strands® Autumn Harvest Collection $1.00
Z402 Sassy Strands® Winter Classic Collection $1.00
Z463 Sassy Strands® Spring Harmony Collection $1.00
Z466 Sassy Strands® Autumn Garden Collection $1.00
Z465 Sassy Strands® Winter Cozy Collection $1.00
Z468 Sassy Strands® Summer Celebration Collection $1.00
Z1108 Chocolate Brads $3.00
1759 Silver Brads $3.00
Z1105 White Daisy Brads $3.00
Z1107 Black Brads $3.00
Z1111 Brads Summer Carnival Assortment $3.00
Z1137 Brads Spring Harmony Assortment $3.00
Z297 Bigger Brads Autumn Harvest Assortment $7.00
Z298 Bigger Brads Winter Classic Assortment $7.00
Z1051 Bitty Brads $3.00
Z288 My Accents® Topiary Accessories $6.00
Z285 My Accents® Garden Green Accessories $6.00
Z286 My Accents® Outdoor Denim Accessories $6.00
Z284 My Accents® Cranberry Accessories $6.00
Z290 My Accents® Autumn Terracotta Accessories $6.00
Z196 My Accents® Baby Pink Accessories $6.00
Z1015 Clear Inspirations Believe Ribbon Slides $1.00
Z1013 Clear Inspirations Precious Ribbon Slides $1.00
Z1133 3/8" White Daisy Ricrac Ribbon (bulk) $4.00
Z803 Organdy Ribbon Rounds™ Spring Blossom Collection $4.00
Z807 Organdy Ribbon Rounds™ Autumn Garden Collection $4.00
Z802 Organdy Ribbon Rounds™ Spring Harmony Collection $4.00
Z808 Organdy Ribbon Rounds™ Winter Classic Collection $4.00
Z804 Organdy Ribbon Rounds™ Summer Carnival Collection $4.00
Z805 Organdy Ribbon Rounds™ Summer Celebration Coll. $4.00
Z1301 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Chocolate Collection $4.00
Z823 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Autumn Terracotta Coll. $4.00
Z1306 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Heartfelt Collection $4.00
Z1305 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Holiday Collection $4.00
Z816 Ribbon Rounds™ White Daisy Collection $4.00
Z814 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Cocoa Collection $4.00
Z812 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Hollyhock Collection $4.00
Z1303 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Outdoor Denim Collection $4.00
Z815 Designer Ribbon Rounds™ Twilight Collection $4.00
Z331 Eyelet Mat $2.00 Z169 Black Eyelets $2.00
Z159 Buttercup Eyelets $2.00
Z136 Heavenly Blue Eyelets $2.00
Z171 Pewter Eyelets $2.00
Z149 Garden Green Eyelets $2.00
Z165 New England Ivy Eyelets $2.00
Z153 Indian Corn Blue Eyelets $2.00
Z150 Autumn Terracotta Eyelets $2.00
Z179 Chocolate Eyelets $2.00
Z1012 Braggin’ Tags™ Mini Album $3.00
Z1017 My Creations™ Circle Album $3.00
1776 1/8" Long Reach Punch $7.00
1762 Write ‘n’ Rub™ Pen $6.00
X1401 StickStock® Linen $6.00
X1400 StickStock® Twill $6.00
Z820 Window Charms™ Squares $5.00
Z922 Pastel Coloring Pencils $4.00
Z920 Earth Coloring Pencils $4.00
X8701 Floral Impressions Embossed Photo Mats $4.00
Z1044 Dimensional Elements Basic Shapes $3.00
Z4128 Foundry® Frames $3.00
Z1134 Holiday Fabric Tags $3.00
Z309 Sculpting™ Foam $2.00
Z657 Vineyard Berry Embossing Powder $2.00
Z1010 Colored Staples $2.00
X277 5" x 5 1/2" Clear Cello Envelopes $2.00
4109 6" x 6" Matte Memory Protectors® (15) $2.00
X143 Door Hangers with Pouch (10) $1.00
X8519 My Child's Reflections™ All About My Family $4.00
Paper Lines
X5802 Creative Basics® Everlasting Collection $5.00
X5803 Creative Basics® Silhouette Collection $5.00
X5804 Creative Basics® Boom-Di-Ada Collection $5.00
X7045A My Reflections® Vintage Travel Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7045C My Reflections® Vintage Travel My Stickease® $4.00
X7056A My Reflections® Discovery Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7060A My Reflections® Heirloom Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7060B My Reflections® Heirloom Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7061A My Reflections® Floral Impressions Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7061B My Reflections® Floral Impressions Lev.2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7061C My Reflections® Floral Impressions My Stickease® $4.00
X7062A My Reflections® Laid Back Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7069A My Reflections® Just Chillin' Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7069C My Reflections® Just Chillin' My Stickease® $4.00
X7071A My Reflections® Best Friends Forever Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7072A My Reflections® School Zone Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7072B My Reflections® School Zone Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7072C My Reflections® School Zone Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7073A My Reflections® Abundance Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7073B My Reflections® Abundance Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7073C My Reflections® Abundance Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7076A My Reflections® Sonata Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7076C My Reflections® Sonata Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7077C My Reflections® Sweet Harmony My Stickease® $4.00
X7078A My Reflections® Cutie Pie Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7078C My Reflections® Cutie Pie Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7079A My Reflections® Rough n Tumble Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7079B My Reflections® Rough 'N Tumble Lev. 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7079C My Reflections® Rough 'N Tumble My Stickease® $4.00
X7080A My Reflections® Route 66 Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7080C My Reflections® Route 66 Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7082A My Reflections® Expedition Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7082C My Reflections® Expedition Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7083A My Reflections® Let's Get Together Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7084A My Reflections® Floral Tapestry Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7085A My Reflections® Everlasting Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7085B My Reflections® Everlasting Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7085C My Reflections® Everlasting Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7086A My Reflections® Caprice Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7086B My Reflections® Caprice Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7086C My Reflections® Caprice Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7087A My Reflections® Enchanted Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7087B My Reflections® Enchanted Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7087C My Reflections® Enchanted Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7088A My Reflections® Free Spirit Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7088B My Reflections® Free Spirit Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7088C My Reflections® Free Spirit Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7089A My Reflections® Life Delights Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7089C My Reflections® Life Delights Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7093A My Reflections® Sweet Pea Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7093B My Reflections® Sweet Pea Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7093C My Reflections® Sweet Pea Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7094A My Reflections® Paper Garden Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7094C My Reflections® Paper Garden Level 2 My Stickease® $4.00
X7099A My Reflections® Whoops-A-Daisy Level 1 Kit $5.00
X8524 Simply Snapshots® Rough 'N Tumble Album Pages $4.00
X8525 Simply Snapshots® Lets Get Together Album Pages $4.00
X8526 Simply Snapshots® Floral Tapestry Album Pages $4.00
X8528 Simply Snapshots® Everlasting Album Pages $4.00
X8529 Simply Snapshots® Silhouette Album Pages $4.00
X8530 Simply Snapshots® Sweet Pea Album Pages $4.00
X8531 Simply Snapshots® Boom-Di-Ada Album Pages $4.00
X8532 Simply Snapshots® Perfect Day Album Pages $4.00
Card Kits
X8608 My Originals® Groovy Blossoms Card Kit $6.50
X8611 My Originals® Pretty Purses Card Kit $6.50
X8613 My Originals® Peaceful Season Card Kit $6.50
X8614 My Originals® Holiday Photo Greetings Card Kit $6.50
X8615 My Originals® From The Heart Card Kit $6.50
X8617 My Originals® Holiday Wishes Card Kit $6.50
X8620 My Originals® Merry & Bright Card Kit $6.50
Stamp Sets
A1084 My Acrylix® Sweet Flowers (Set Of 6) $2.00
A1092 My Acrylix® Simple Invites (Set Of 16) $2.00
A1093 My Acrylix® Genuine Fun (Set Of 4) $2.00
B1071 My Acrylix® Playful Numbers (Set Of 20) $4.00
B1167 My Acrylix® Thinking Of You (Set Of 6) $4.00
B1182 My Acrylix® Let It Snow (Set Of 6) $4.00
B1215 My Acrylix® Life Is (Set Of 16) $4.00
B1258 My Acrylix® Merry Little Christmas (Set Of 7) $4.00
B1260 My Acrylix® Let Us Adore Him (Set Of 5) $4.00
B1262 My Acrylix® Celebration Labels (Set Of 34) $4.00
B1277 My Acrylix® Hello Friend (Set Of 13) $4.00
C1079 My Acrylix® Playful Lowercase (Set Of 52) $6.00
C1198 My Acrylix® Let's Play Ball (Set Of 8) $6.00
C1209 My Acrylix® Christmas Scripts (Set Of 13 $6.00
C1221 My Acrylix® Choo Choo Train (Set Of 8) $6.00
C1222 My Acrylix® Seasonal Thoughts (Set Of 39) $6.00
C1226 My Acrylix® Floral Charms (Set Of 12) $6.00
C1227 My Acrylix® Our Wedding Day (Set Of 13) $6.00
C1244 My Acrylix® Glistening Snow (Set Of 11) $6.00
C1245 My Acrylix® O Christmas Tree (Set Of 26) $6.00
C1252 My Acrylix® Abundance Borders (Set Of 4) $6.00
D1013 My Acrylix® Playful Caps (Set Of 57) $8.00
D1111 My Acrylix® Card Sentiments (Set Of 10) $8.00
D1115 My Acrylix® Princess (Set Of 17) $8.00
D1211 My Acrylix® First Class (Set Of 10) $8.00
D1126 My Acrylix® Precious Alphabet (Set Of 52) $8.00
D1140 My Acrylix® Miracle (Set Of 9) $8.00
D1146 My Acrylix® Back To Nature (Set Of 7) $8.00
D1152 My Acrylix® Follow Your Dreams (Set Of 15) $8.00
D1153 My Acrylix® Because Of You (Set Of 16) $8.00
D1165 My Acrylix® Bundled Up (Set Of 10) $8.00
D1175 My Acrylix® Steep And Deep (Set Of 12) $8.00
D1176 My Acrylix® Youthful Heart (Set Of 13) $8.00
D1179 My Acrylix® Festive Thoughts (Set Of 14) $8.00
D1086 My Acrylix® Birthday Bash (Set Of 16) $8.00
D1197 My Acrylix® My One & Only (Set Of 11) $8.00

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paper Pocketbook for Gift Cards

I am all about the gift card. It's a small piece of plastic that can bring big smiles. Any time of year you can whip up one of these cute little paper pocketbooks in just a few minutes and fill it with iTunes, shoes, lunch, gas, groceries, a night at the movies or anything else you can find a gift card for.

Follow these simple instructions to make your own paper pocketbook...

6” x 6” double sided patterned paper
2” x 6” patterned paper
2 ¾ “ x 4 ½” coordinating solid cardstock
9” piece of ribbon
Scoring tool
Paper Trimmer

Fold 6”x6” patterned paper in half. To cut sides at an angle place the fold at the top. Line up the top folded corner with the cutting line on your trimmer. Angle so that the bottom open corner touches the 1” line on the trimmer and cut. Flip the paper over keeping the fold at the top and repeat for the second side.
Cut a half circle out of the top edge of the 2” x 6” patterned paper. Adhere it to the cut 6”x 6” base above the fold line leaving the top edge open to create a pocket. Trim edges off using scissors to match the angles of the base.

To create the top flap score the 2 ¾” x 4 ½” piece of cardstock lengthwise at 1 ½” and at 1¾”.

This will create a ¼” wide top where you can attach ribbon. Use a cropadile or small punch to punch holes ¾” to 1” from each edge. Thread the ribbon through the holes and knot on the under side to create a handle.

Round the corners of the longer side. Attach the shorter side to the back of the purse base so the longer flap is in the front. Use Velcro dots or small magnets to close.

Decorate as desired.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Got Gift Cards??

Everyone loves a gift card. They are great to give and to receive. What I don't love is the tacky packaging most of them come in. Here is a way to dress up your gift cards and make them much more presentable and fun.
Follow my little tutorial to learn how to make your own.

Pop Up Pocket Gift Card Holder

Card Base- cut 2 of cardstock measuring 7” x 4 1/4"
Pattern 1 – 2 ½ “ x 4” (front), 2 ½” x 4 ¼” (pocket cover)
Pattern 2 – 2” x 4” (front), 1 ½” x 6” (reverse side for flap)
Flap – 1 ¾ “ x 6” cut from cardstock
Inside stamped image - 1 5/8” x 1 5/8”
Image frame–1 ¾” x 1 ¾” of coordinating colored cardstock
Strong adhesive – I use what I call “red line tape” but it goes by several names.
Corner rounder
Stampin Up word window punch
Circle punch

Score both card base pieces at 4 1/4”.

Fold flaps towards inside of card. Use the red line tape to hold the two flap pieces together on three sides

with the top remaining open. Attach the 2 ½” x 4” piece of patterned paper on the front side of the pocket close to the open edge. There will be a small space between the edge of the paper and the fold. Use a circle punch to punch a half circle out of the top of the pocket through the patterned paper and both layers of cardstock. This makes it easier to remove the gift card from the pocket.

Stamp desired image on the 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” white cardstock. Back with the 1 5/8” x 1 5/8” of coordinating colored cardstock and attach to pocket front. Stamp desired sentiment to the right of the gift card pocket. Add two pieces of patterned paper as background on front of card. I use the Stampin Up word window punch for the slot and punch through all layers about ¼ “ from the edge. If you don’t have the punch cut a 1 5/8” slot through all layers using a craft knife.

To make the flap closure, center the 1 ½” x 6” piece of patterned paper onto the 1 ¾” x 6” strip of cardstock and ink the edges. Round the corners of one end. Score through both layers at 4 ¼ from the straight edge. Insert the rounded corners through the slot and line up the score line with the edge of the card. Add adhesive from score line to straight edge and press firmly to back of card.
Complete the gift card holder by adding stamped images and embellishments of your choice.

I used the Ms. Holiday Cheer stamp set from CTMH. I think this is a perfect way to present a gift card to your favorite shopaholic.

All papers, inks, stamps and embellishments are from Close to My Heart. To get them visit my website.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Calling all my crafty friends. November is going to be a great month. The CTMH stamp set for November is called "Around The Block", and it is soooo cute. I have been waiting for this one since the new catalog came out. Here is a card that I made for a swap using this set and the Sweet Home papers.

There are different doors and windows and another roof and cute sayings, this set has so many possibilities. As always you can earn a discount on this stamp of the month set by placing any order in November. $25 order gets you the set at 25% off, $50=50%, $75=75% all the way up to earning the set for free with a $100 purchase.

Want an even better deal? Buy any two stamp sets in November and get one free! This is such a great deal for holiday gift giving or to get the sets you need to make awesome handmade holiday gifts.

If you are in the Denver area and want to come see a catalog and play with a few stamps to make a holiday card and a gift card holder come on over on Saturday Nov. 7th for my Holiday Preview at 1:00pm.

To check out the catalog or place an order go to my Close to my Heart website.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Tangii

I have a good friend that I have never actually met. I guess you could call her a "virtual friend". She is a fellow scrapper and stamper and one very talented lady. In celebration of her Birthday Tangii is giving away some pretty awesome blog candy.

Take a look
Click here to enter to win it. Happy Birthday Tangii. Thanks for sharing your prezzies!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fresh as a daisy

I redid my living room this summer. With Ashleigh's help we picked out new furniture, painted and hung new artwork. I really like how it came out. We did not do anything to the bathroom except paint a swatch of the new living room color over the old green. I like the new color much better that the old seafoamy green. For months I have lived with one spot of new paint on the wall but never taken the time to do much more.
This week as I was getting my house ready to host my first stamping party that splotch of paint really started to bug me. The unfinished state was fine for me but I didn't want to invite friends over to see it so on top of everything else I had going on this week I decided it was time to re-do the bathroom...with very little time and budget.
Now you must realize that my main floor bathroom is tiny. It is classified as a 1/2 bath but I am not sure it's not really more like a 1/3. It contains only the necessities..a toilet and a vanity. You must carefully maneuver around the door to close it and access the toilet. Leaving the door open while doing your business is not even an option.
The first step is to paint the whole room and not just that one little spot. Painting this tiny room is NOT fun. It requires some creative maneuvering and a few contortionist poses. Once the paint is done it already looks better but now I need to spruce it up with some decoration (again on very little budget).

I found this frame on clearance at Target for $6. I wasn't sure what to put in it but I knew I wanted to add some color to the room. I love gerbera daisies so I searched online for some good pics and then just printed them out on photo paper and arranged them in the frame. I love how it came out and it cost me almost nothing!
I found some long stem "silk" gerbera daisies at Dollar Tree so another $8 and I have a vase, some rock filler and a bunch of daisies for the counter. The soap dispenser and towels are from Target and I love the bright colors with the brown.

The glass shelf is something I bought for the other house and never got a chance to use. I found it in my storage unit. I bought the medicine cabinet at the Young Women's garage sale this summer for this bathroom and I really like how it looks.

So for about $25 and a few hours time I have a new bathroom...fresh as a daisy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Creative Juices

It's been a while since my creative juices have been flowing like they were this weekend. When I quit Archiver's at the end of May I thought it would give me more creative time but until now that hasn't been the case.
I NEED my creative time, it's my therapy, it's my sanity and it's fun!
I recently decided that I could get more creative time and make a few extra $ at the same time by becoming a demonstrator for
I have used and loved their products for a long time and I know it's a great company so the decision was easy. Check out the newest catalog see all the great stuff CTMH has to offer on my website. This weekend I was invited to do to an overnight retreat with my upline and other members of our group along with some of their friends / guests. It was a great group of fun ladies and I had a wonderful time. I was even pretty productive, here's the proof.

Recipe~ Stamp- "Ashley" from Paper Makeup Stamps, Paper- Twitterpated by CTMH. Colored with Copic Markers.

Recipe~ Moody in the pumpkin patch by Paper Makeup Stamps. DP- Eerie by Basic Grey. Solid papers and ribbon by CTMH. Colored with Copic Markers.

This one is all CTMH. Stamp Set is Flourished Blessings.

Paper and Ink in Creme Brule, Tulip and Chocolate.

I love this Halloween Set by CTMH. It is called Beware. I embossed the images in black and used the Eerie line of paper by Basic Grey. Solid papers by CTMH in Creme Brule and Sweet Leaf. Ribbon is Autumn Terra Cotta by CTMH.

A great little Christmas card. All supplies by CTMH. Stamp set is Holiday Trinkets. Designer Paper is Jingle. Ink and papers in Tulip and Creme Brule.

I love the classic look of white and blue for Christmas. This card uses the Stamp of the Month set by CTMH for October- "Holiday Warmth" along with the Snow Flurries set. I embossed using Versamark ink and white embossing powder on Juniper paper. The dove and the snowflakes are embossed in silver on white daisy. Background snowflake paper is from CTMH's Jingle line. Simple holiday elegance!

This one is one of my favorites because it hold a little secret inside. It has a special place inside for a gift card! What a perfect card for your favorite shopaholic! All supplies are CTMH. Stamp set is Ms. Holiday Cheer (l love this set!). DP are from the Jingle line. Ms. Holiday Cheer's coat is paper pieced and embelished with stickles. Jingle Glitter brads finish it off.

I have no idea why this one uploaded sideways but I couldn't get it to turn. I love this card so tilt your head if needed :). This image is another one from the Ms. Holiday Cheer set. The tree and her dress are embossed. Ornaments are Jingle glitter brads. DP is more of the Jingle line. Circles are cut with nestabilities.

Pretty Productive wouldn't you say.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Gotta Have It!

Attention all my crafty stampin' and scrappin' friends...

Do you have one of these?

Do you hate paying up to $80 for a new cartridge every time you want a new font, and then finding that the look you REALLY are going for isn't even available. I mean where is that Harry Potter cartridge I so desperately need???

I found the greatest software that works with the Cricut and allows you to...

Cut any TrueType font with your Cricut

So, I am sharing the info with all of my crafty friends. I bought, I have used it and I love it! It just opens up so may new possibilites, and yes I found a Harry Potter font and a great Disney one too. If you already have the Design Studio it works very similarly...only better! You can weld words into one piece..amazing! It will even cut SVG images so you can create your own artwork and cut it on your Cricut.

The Software is called Sure Cuts Alot, just click on the name to get it, and let me know what you think.

Here are some of my favorite fonts and where to find them.


Girls are weird - great curly girly font

Bell Bottom Laser -groovy 60's fun

Harry P - the one I was lookin' for :)

Waltograph - My fave Disney Font


Loki Cola - the Coke font

Antsy Pants - Fun fat font

Calamity Jane

Chocolate Box

Just to name a few...there are so many fun free fonts out there!

But my very favorite thing is that you can create a True Type font from your

very own handwriting

at Fontifier and then cut it on your Cricut... How COOL is that???

You know you want it...huh!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Of ice and women...

Ok, I said that this story deserves it's own post, so here goes.

In April I went to Texas with my very dear friend Angie. I miss Angie SOOO much. She moved away to Utah right around the same time Ashleigh went to away to school in Utah and I was MAD. Who was I supposed to have game nights with, share "I've got this..." colaborative Sunday dinners with and enjoy spontaneous movie nights with.

Me and Angie...somewhere in Teaxs

It was Angie who originated the Texas girl's weekend idea. She invited Becca, Michelle and even arranged for Elizabeth to drive down to meet us too. It was supposed to be a girl's weekend anyway until Summer had to go and get married...such a need for attention, that Summer.

We all had a wonderful time staying up most of the night of Summer's wedding laughing and having crazy conversations until the wee hours. On Sunday we all headed back to our respective homes. Angie and I shared a flight from San Antonio to Denver, and then Angie would head on to Salt Lake City. For this flight our asssigned seats were not together. We asked the flight attendant if we could switch to two seats together. We were told that the flight was pretty full but there were two seats in the very back row of the plane so we took them. When we boarded there was another young woman already seated in the window seat. Angie sat in the middle seat and I was on the isle. When the drink cart came around the young woman in the window seat was sleeping. Angie (being Angie) asked for a cup of water and a seperate cup of ice.

I don't even remember what I ordered, but it doesn't really matter. We were just having a normal conversation and Angie was chewing her ice when suddenly the unthinkable happened! A large piece of ice slipped out of Angie's hands and flew right into the


of the sleeping girl in the window seat. Angie made an honest attempt to catch the offending ice cube before it reached it's final destination but pulled her hand back quickly when she realized where it was headed. I saw the ice cube fly but thought she had just dropped it...until she started bouncing in her seat. She was trying to be quiet but was laughing so hard she could hardly speak. I call them the "church giggles" and as she tried to tell me what had happened I immediately started bouncing too.

Then came the moral dilema. Angie asked me, "Should I wake her up? or just let her sleep?" We decided on the latter (possibly not the best decision).

Soon,our late night talk fest and big breakfast started to take their toll and Angie and I both started to doze. We were awakened by a soft rustling of the now awake girl in the window seat. She was lifting herself off the seat to gently pat her nether regions with a napkin. I can only imagine what she must have been thinking.

How did this happen???

Did I wet myself???

Did those bouncing ladies sitting next to me have anything to do with it???

We faked sleep and pretended we had no idea what was going on until the plane landed.

Certainly a memorable end to a fantastic girl's weekend. Thanks Angie! Love ya!

It's been a while....

Wow, it's hard to believe that my last post was so long ago. Where has time gone? What has been happening and where have I been? It will probably take several posts to catch up comletely but here is the readers digest condensed version...

April- April is always a fun month. After all TAX DAY is in April ...and TAX DAY just so happens to be my Birthday! This April was an extra fun month.

I went to my parent's house for Easter. Ashleigh met me there and we had a lovely weekend with the family complete with Easter "baskets" from my mom.

Ashleigh and I on Easter morning

I even took and extra day off so I could enjoy a leisurely drive home on Monday and not fight the holiday weekend traffic. Then I went back to work for just two days (who doesn't love two day work weeks) before hopping a plane for a fun weekend in San Antonio with a bunch of girlfriends for Summer and Tony's wedding. My friend Becca wrote about our trip, you can check out her version here, she told it well so I won't bore you with more (except for a certain ice cube story which deserves it's own post). It was a ton of fun and we have decided it should be an annual event (except Summer and Tony may have ruined our plans for New Orleans next year).

Angie, Summer, Me, Becca, Michelle, Elizabeth

May brought Ashleigh home from school for the summer.

It also brought on a hard decision for me. For the past two and a half years I have worked part time here.

I love Archivers. I love seeing all of the new stuff, the smell of paper, the rows of sparkly bling, the creative inspiration. I love teaching classes and getting other people hooked. I love showing someone something and watching their eyes sparkle as the creative juices start flowin'. I don't love the aching feet, the 16 hours days, and the lack of weekends.

As most of those reading this will know summer is a crazy time for me. Summer brings Hogwarts (if you dont know watch for a later post). This year I finally decided that I can't do it all. I am getting too old to be

Wonder Woman.

I decided that the second job at Archivers had to go. It was a hard decision. I really miss the people I worked with, the customers and all of the fun stuff, but something had to give.

For those of you that started reading my blog for the creative stuff, I am still creating and will post here from time to time, but just as I am evolving and things are changing so will this blog.

Monday, April 27, 2009

More blog candy

Check out this link to some amazing blog candy!


The return of real posts of my adventures and crafty creations coming soon!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who wants some blog candy??????

Lori over at Scrappin Lori has had over 20,000 hits on her blog in just over a year...congrats girl!!! Anyway to celebrate she is giving some great blog candy.

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And Courtney is giving away a $50 goft certificate to My Favorite Things Stamp company for your very own shopping spree.

Friday, March 6, 2009


I work in an office building in the Denver Tech Center. We used to have the whole fifth floor and the bathrooms were all ours. Now we have moved to a smaller space on the second floor and the bathrooms are shared with other second floor offices.

For the past few weeks there has been something that has bugged me each and every time I use the restroom. Now get your minds out of the toliet because this is not THAT kind of post.

Whenever I use the bathroom I take the handicapped stall if it is available. I would not push a handicapped person out if the way to get it, I just like having more space without the TP dispenser jamming into my knee. Lately, every time I used said hanicapped accessible stall it seems someone has been leaving little gifts for me (again minds out of the gutter).

Let me explain with a picture, (yes I took my camera into the bathroom).

I swear, EVERY time I use this stall someone has left ONE SQUARE of toilet paper on the top of the dispenser. The first time I saw it I thought nothing of it and tossed it into the toilet as I flushed. The next time I went back a new single square had taken it's place. Now no matter what I do they are there to greet me each and every time. Why??? There is a full roll of toilet paper in the dispenser, why would someone save just one square. I am perplexed, and a bit obsessed with these little white squares.

Now each time I go back (and I drink a LOT of water during the day so ..ya know) I see that single sqaure and try to figure out it's origin. These are some of my recent theories;

1. Someone took 11 squares instead of their normal 10 and with the economy they are trying to be frugal.

2. It is an offering to the toilet gods, one I was never aware was supposed to be made...AAAAHHHH, I've been doing it wrong all of these years!!!!!

3. It is a gift from the potty fairy to be used only in case of emergency.

4. Someone actually thinks that the next person may want or need an extra square when there is a full roll just inches below.

If someone reading my blog has been leaving me these gifts...enough already...it kinda freaks me out!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog!

A couple of weeks ago I spent a weekend at a scrapbooking retreat with a good friend and a couple of my cousins. I can't wait to go back...but I am getting ahead of myself (I post the results of my crafty weekend in a later post).

First there was the Hot Dog. When my friend mentioned that she wanted to stop for lunch on the way to the retreat I said, "sure", we gotta eat right?? Then she told me where she wanted to go...Coney Island. "Isn't that a BIT out of the way", I am thinking.

Little did I know that this little beauty sits right off HWY 285 just south of Bailey.

Yep, that is a hot dog shaped hot dog stand, who knew! We ventured inside to find this

We figure we're here and like they say , "When in Rome...". So we order foot long hot dogs with Ketchup, Mustard, Relish and Onions along with Fries and Onion Rings. We sit down and take a look at our surroundings inside THE DOG while we wait for our food.
Lots of vintage diner style decorations. Then they call our number and....

HOT DOG HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!