Thursday, June 18, 2009

Of ice and women...

Ok, I said that this story deserves it's own post, so here goes.

In April I went to Texas with my very dear friend Angie. I miss Angie SOOO much. She moved away to Utah right around the same time Ashleigh went to away to school in Utah and I was MAD. Who was I supposed to have game nights with, share "I've got this..." colaborative Sunday dinners with and enjoy spontaneous movie nights with.

Me and Angie...somewhere in Teaxs

It was Angie who originated the Texas girl's weekend idea. She invited Becca, Michelle and even arranged for Elizabeth to drive down to meet us too. It was supposed to be a girl's weekend anyway until Summer had to go and get married...such a need for attention, that Summer.

We all had a wonderful time staying up most of the night of Summer's wedding laughing and having crazy conversations until the wee hours. On Sunday we all headed back to our respective homes. Angie and I shared a flight from San Antonio to Denver, and then Angie would head on to Salt Lake City. For this flight our asssigned seats were not together. We asked the flight attendant if we could switch to two seats together. We were told that the flight was pretty full but there were two seats in the very back row of the plane so we took them. When we boarded there was another young woman already seated in the window seat. Angie sat in the middle seat and I was on the isle. When the drink cart came around the young woman in the window seat was sleeping. Angie (being Angie) asked for a cup of water and a seperate cup of ice.

I don't even remember what I ordered, but it doesn't really matter. We were just having a normal conversation and Angie was chewing her ice when suddenly the unthinkable happened! A large piece of ice slipped out of Angie's hands and flew right into the


of the sleeping girl in the window seat. Angie made an honest attempt to catch the offending ice cube before it reached it's final destination but pulled her hand back quickly when she realized where it was headed. I saw the ice cube fly but thought she had just dropped it...until she started bouncing in her seat. She was trying to be quiet but was laughing so hard she could hardly speak. I call them the "church giggles" and as she tried to tell me what had happened I immediately started bouncing too.

Then came the moral dilema. Angie asked me, "Should I wake her up? or just let her sleep?" We decided on the latter (possibly not the best decision).

Soon,our late night talk fest and big breakfast started to take their toll and Angie and I both started to doze. We were awakened by a soft rustling of the now awake girl in the window seat. She was lifting herself off the seat to gently pat her nether regions with a napkin. I can only imagine what she must have been thinking.

How did this happen???

Did I wet myself???

Did those bouncing ladies sitting next to me have anything to do with it???

We faked sleep and pretended we had no idea what was going on until the plane landed.

Certainly a memorable end to a fantastic girl's weekend. Thanks Angie! Love ya!


Stacy said...

That is really really funny Leann...I miss all the people that move away from here too.

Angie said...

Ahhh me. I almost Lizzed myself again. You know when your laughing so hard and your whiz your pants. (Thanks 30 Rock!) In my defense if I were do do it again I think I would wake the passenger up. Maybe!?! Love you too! Good luck with Hogwarts. I think it's safe to assume you were at the midnight debut correct?