Thursday, September 3, 2009

You Gotta Have It!

Attention all my crafty stampin' and scrappin' friends...

Do you have one of these?

Do you hate paying up to $80 for a new cartridge every time you want a new font, and then finding that the look you REALLY are going for isn't even available. I mean where is that Harry Potter cartridge I so desperately need???

I found the greatest software that works with the Cricut and allows you to...

Cut any TrueType font with your Cricut

So, I am sharing the info with all of my crafty friends. I bought, I have used it and I love it! It just opens up so may new possibilites, and yes I found a Harry Potter font and a great Disney one too. If you already have the Design Studio it works very similarly...only better! You can weld words into one piece..amazing! It will even cut SVG images so you can create your own artwork and cut it on your Cricut.

The Software is called Sure Cuts Alot, just click on the name to get it, and let me know what you think.

Here are some of my favorite fonts and where to find them.


Girls are weird - great curly girly font

Bell Bottom Laser -groovy 60's fun

Harry P - the one I was lookin' for :)

Waltograph - My fave Disney Font

Loki Cola - the Coke font

Antsy Pants - Fun fat font

Calamity Jane

Chocolate Box

Just to name a few...there are so many fun free fonts out there!

But my very favorite thing is that you can create a True Type font from your

very own handwriting

at Fontifier and then cut it on your Cricut... How COOL is that???

You know you want it...huh!