Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fresh as a daisy

I redid my living room this summer. With Ashleigh's help we picked out new furniture, painted and hung new artwork. I really like how it came out. We did not do anything to the bathroom except paint a swatch of the new living room color over the old green. I like the new color much better that the old seafoamy green. For months I have lived with one spot of new paint on the wall but never taken the time to do much more.
This week as I was getting my house ready to host my first stamping party that splotch of paint really started to bug me. The unfinished state was fine for me but I didn't want to invite friends over to see it so on top of everything else I had going on this week I decided it was time to re-do the bathroom...with very little time and budget.
Now you must realize that my main floor bathroom is tiny. It is classified as a 1/2 bath but I am not sure it's not really more like a 1/3. It contains only the necessities..a toilet and a vanity. You must carefully maneuver around the door to close it and access the toilet. Leaving the door open while doing your business is not even an option.
The first step is to paint the whole room and not just that one little spot. Painting this tiny room is NOT fun. It requires some creative maneuvering and a few contortionist poses. Once the paint is done it already looks better but now I need to spruce it up with some decoration (again on very little budget).

I found this frame on clearance at Target for $6. I wasn't sure what to put in it but I knew I wanted to add some color to the room. I love gerbera daisies so I searched online for some good pics and then just printed them out on photo paper and arranged them in the frame. I love how it came out and it cost me almost nothing!
I found some long stem "silk" gerbera daisies at Dollar Tree so another $8 and I have a vase, some rock filler and a bunch of daisies for the counter. The soap dispenser and towels are from Target and I love the bright colors with the brown.

The glass shelf is something I bought for the other house and never got a chance to use. I found it in my storage unit. I bought the medicine cabinet at the Young Women's garage sale this summer for this bathroom and I really like how it looks.

So for about $25 and a few hours time I have a new bathroom...fresh as a daisy!

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*Ashleigh* said...

I thoroughly approve! I can't wait to see the finished product in real life. Now just to get rid of the "mood lighting"...