Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paper Pocketbook for Gift Cards

I am all about the gift card. It's a small piece of plastic that can bring big smiles. Any time of year you can whip up one of these cute little paper pocketbooks in just a few minutes and fill it with iTunes, shoes, lunch, gas, groceries, a night at the movies or anything else you can find a gift card for.

Follow these simple instructions to make your own paper pocketbook...

6” x 6” double sided patterned paper
2” x 6” patterned paper
2 ¾ “ x 4 ½” coordinating solid cardstock
9” piece of ribbon
Scoring tool
Paper Trimmer

Fold 6”x6” patterned paper in half. To cut sides at an angle place the fold at the top. Line up the top folded corner with the cutting line on your trimmer. Angle so that the bottom open corner touches the 1” line on the trimmer and cut. Flip the paper over keeping the fold at the top and repeat for the second side.
Cut a half circle out of the top edge of the 2” x 6” patterned paper. Adhere it to the cut 6”x 6” base above the fold line leaving the top edge open to create a pocket. Trim edges off using scissors to match the angles of the base.

To create the top flap score the 2 ¾” x 4 ½” piece of cardstock lengthwise at 1 ½” and at 1¾”.

This will create a ¼” wide top where you can attach ribbon. Use a cropadile or small punch to punch holes ¾” to 1” from each edge. Thread the ribbon through the holes and knot on the under side to create a handle.

Round the corners of the longer side. Attach the shorter side to the back of the purse base so the longer flap is in the front. Use Velcro dots or small magnets to close.

Decorate as desired.