Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Watch out I come!!

So guess what was in my mailbox today??? This amazing little blue book. Yes, I am 41 years old and this is my first. I have traveled to most of the 50 states (Alaska and Hawaii and much of the East coast are still on my list), but I have never been out of the country except for a short dip into Mexico when you didn't need a passport.
I am going on a Western Carribean cruise in December so I need this little guy. Of course I forgot that I would need it until just a couple weeks ago. This sent a rush of panic to my travel companion as she had heard that it can take months to get a passport. I did a little research and made a few phone calls hoping that I would not have to pay out the nose for an "expedited" passport. I am told that they are currently taking about 4 weeks. At that time I had seven weeks until my cruise so I decide to chance it and not pay for the faster service. My luck held out and I received my little blue book today (much to the delight of Janie, my travel companion). Now that I have this wonderful thing in my hands I can't help but think of the places I would like to go. Maybe I'll go to France and spend a day with Gretchen having tea parties and bike rides through the French countryside. Or I could explore Italy with my friend Deb (she met an Itailan hottie there last summer) and I would like one of those. Or I could spend some relaxing days at Carolyn's cottage in England. Maybe I'll visit the school in China where Megan taught English to kindergarteners. Ohh I could also do some Bella stampin' with Duchiebella or Bere in their homelands. This little book opens up endless possibilities. I just wish my travel budget was endless as well.
Oh well, at least in a few weeks I'll be cruisin' and I'll have the first stamp in my passport.


(tinxmagic) Laura said...

This is such a cute blog!!! Amazing what a little blue book can "stir" up!
Hey, I have an interview at Archivers today... Maybe we will be "co-workers"!!! That could be fun!!!

*Ashleigh* said...

I wanna travel!! How about when I 9 years because I swear I feel like I am never going to be done....we tour the world. Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, Morocco, London, Sydney...Maybe even Sheboygan! ...Yes?

Mae said...

Wonderful!!! I fold up nicely into a large suitcase. I don't eat much & will be really good. Can I come?