Friday, October 24, 2008

Special Delivery... it has come full circle.

I had a rotten day at work. I won't bore you with the details but it was bad. Until around 3:30 pm when a package arrived for me.

I have been waiting for this special package from across the sea (France) for a while now. I had it sent to my office because I couldn't take a chance that it would be left on my doorstep unprotected. I know what is inside and it brings a smile to my face and a tiny tear to my eyes. I carefully walk back to my desk to open my special delivery when a co-worker asks, "Is that what I think it is?" she knows I have been waiting. I walk to her desk instead and open it carefully while she watches. This is what I find inside.
For those of you that read my blog, you know. For those who are reading for the first time here is a bit of the story behind this image. This is a birthday gift for my daughter who turned 21 on Wednesday. It is a one of a kind original painting by a very talented lady, Gretchen Jakub Fabre of Chichiboulie.

It is also a tribute to another mother, a sleeping beauty, who has touched my heart. Her name is hidden in my painting. It's sweet reminder of why this was created. I won the auction Gretchen had to raise money for Nie Nie. I had this done to celebrate the bond I have with my daughter, and my hope is that my donation in some small way helps NieNie to have the chance to build a similar bond with her daughters.

Suddenly my "bad day" seems so insignifigant, who am I to complain about is good.


n8tvtexan said...

Oh its absolutely beautiful! I bet its even more amazing in person.

Jacquie said...

Leanne, what a BEAUTIFUL pictue and what an AWESOME thing for you to do!! It will mean so much to her and the fact that you were able to help that family out, makes it all the more special!!! Enjoy! Than ks for sharing!

Jacqueline TresBella said...

It is beautiful!!!!! I love all of Gretchen's designs. You are so lucky, and your daughter is if you give this to her. And done all for a good cause. I love it, love it!

aka TresBella

Shannon Roberts said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful!! Sorry you had a bad day but the big guy sure seems to know when we need our spirits lifted huh?? again, YEA!!!!!

Michelle-a-bella said...

WOW, beautiful! Just beautiful! So glad you had happy ending to your "bad" day! Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Omg, it's beautiful! I love that I can read Nie Nie on it even though I can't zoom in on the picture. I so hope this is made into a stamp.