Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Poop Deck

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I have house guests of the un-invited variety.

They are squatters and they have taken up residence on my deck.

They are pigeons and they squat ALOT!

The deck has been re-named The Poop Deck in their honor. 

I avoid The Poop Deck at all costs. 

The other day I came home from dropping my friend Angie off at the airport (miss ya girlfriend) and found that The Poop Deck had been cleaned off and things were re-arranged. I had also had house guests of the invited variety so I texted each of them to see if they had felt sorry for me and decided to clean up The Poop Deck as a birthday gift. Each of them replied with, "EWWWW NO!!" 

 It was a mystery, how did The Poop Deck get magically cleaned?? The next day a friend came over to pick up something and handed me a business card that had been stuck in my front door. It was for a pest control service, mystery solved...kinda.

I have to admit that it kind of freaks me out that someone was on my deck without my knowledge or any prior notice but that has happened before. My HOA is notorious for sending men to do repairs on my deck with no warning. Last time I was awakened by men on ladders leaning against my bedroom window hammering the siding back in place at 7:00am.

I guess I am happy that it is cleaned off and I didn't have to do it. But the real surprise is on them because the birds are already back. AND, if they think I am paying for pest control services I didn't ask for or authorize, SURPRISE...I am not!

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Janna said...

I hate pigeons...yuck!