Friday, November 26, 2010

Want something FREE on Black Friday?

This year I opted to sleep in instead of get up early and fight the crowds of crazies for discount deals. It felt good! When I awoke after a few extra hours of sleep I decided to do a little blog surfing.

Imagine my surprise when I found this offer from the creator of my favorite song at the moment.

Mindy Gledhill is giving away a case 
of her new album (that's 30 copies) to one lucky winner!

If you have not had the pleasure of hearing Mindy's music then enjoy this video. The song is Hourglass and it is on her new album Anchor...which she is giving away 30 copies of!

Since I am unemployed this year and my Christmas budget is tight I am hoping I win, so I can give them as gifts this year. Wouldn't that be grand?

She also has some other great deals going on. You can get a whole case of Anchor CD's at the wholesale price of only $6.63 each. That's $199 for the case. 
The retail value of 30 CDs is $509.40, so this is an amazing value. 

She is also doing a 2/$20 special which gets you Anchor and her previous album Feather in The Wind both for $20. Such a deal! 

Click here to check out the deals.

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