Monday, April 7, 2008


I am home again from a fantastic weekend feeling refreshed and rejuvinated and ready to tackle life again. Last week was a very rough and stressful week at work but I saw the end in sight knowing I had a wonderful weekend planned.

I spent my weekend at a scrapbook retereat in Estes Park called Mountains and Memories (see link on sidebar). This was my second time and I have already planned to go back again in August. From the moment you arrive at M and M you are pampered and spoiled by Sara, Jan and Gary (the owners). They carry your bags inside and set you up in your croppin' space (and you don't have to move anything all weekend)! The crop space has everything you need, the beds are comfy and the food is delicious. They have thought of everything (right down to earplugs and tiny flashlights).

I spent time scrapping many of the old heritage photos I got when we went through my grandmother's things (my cousins got the antiques and knick knacks, I got ALL the photos) after she died in December. It was very theraputic for me to work on these photos, and they brought back lots of memories. She lived a wonderful life (nearly 103 years) but I do miss her still.

I also worked on some Bella cards, some we've moved cards for my parents who just bought a new house and some Hogwarts summer camp pictures. I'll add photos in later posts.

I stayed up until 3:30 am on Friday and Saturday nights laughing with friends and being creative. I got a massage on Saturday afternoon and it all went by much too quickly but it was just what I needed. Too bad I can't do this every weekend.

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Liane said...

I was just going to email and ask how your weekend went. Then, I thought to check on your blog. Wow, it sounds wonderful. Estes Park is so lovely too. I think I need to schedule a weekend, week, month, year away too! LOL Welcome home, your bellah sistah.