Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Gift of Girlfriends

I am a little late with this post. You see my birthday was more than a month ago, but I have been wanting to write about what a great birthday weekend I had this year.
But before I get to that I need to back up a few years and explain that back in 2006 I went through a bit of a mid life crisis. There were some pretty big changes in my "inner circle" that fall. My baby girl went away to college to spread her wings and find herself. I was ok with that, after all I had spent eighteen years preparing her to go out into the world and make something of herself. I would be fine, I still had my good friends to see my through. OH WAIT...NOT! You see, two of my best girlfriends moved away around the same time. The NERVE, the GALL!! Didn't they know I needed them? Didn't they know it was all about me?? Forget that one was going through a not so fun divorce and the other was moving her family so her husband could find work. I needed them!

Fast forward to my birthday weekend 2009. We had planned a great girls weekend getaway,  It was great to be together again. We had a blast and someone got themselves hitched! For more on that trip see this post from my friend Becca. And don't forget the surprise ending of that trip here.

Now back to this year. I had been in a funk. It was a big, ugly, unemployed, what am I doing with my life, feeling sorry for myself funk. So when my dear friends told me they would like to come for a visit and stay the weekend with me I was so excited. They will tell you they came to see other people too, but I know the truth. It was all about me! They both arrived on my birthday after all.  One brought along a little friend, the other one brought a mumu.

It was like a high school slumber party. We laughed, watched movies, ate junk food and caught up on each others lives. 

We explored Pirate booty at the museum. 

We played in the park. 

Then we laughed and talked some more and made plans for a big reunion dinner.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures to chronicle our adventures and unfortunately the ones I did take were with my phone, but I had a blast (funk officially blasted away).  We're already talking about next year. 

THANKS GIRLFRIENDS for the best birthday gift ever!

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Debra Bonson said...

God wasn't joking around when he created the "girlfriend!" So glad you had a great birthday and your friends were able to visit on your special day!!!