Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where did December go???

Wow, it's already the middle of January and I still don't know what happened to December, this year it went by so fast. Here are some highlights.


I went on a western carribean cruise with some good friends the first week of December. It was a much needed vacation and I cannot wait to find time to do another one. Here are just a few of my favorite pics. This was my ship, The Carnival Inspiration.

These are my feet. I was relaxing on the Serenity deck (only adults allowed) on the very back of the ship. It was my favorite place to hang out and soak up the sun and read.
This is my friend Janie and her daughter Lisa. They were my cruise mates.

This is Chakkanab National Park in Cozumel, Mexico. We spent the day here, relaxing after a swim with the dolphins. This is me and my new friend Louis. Swimming with him was an amazing adventure.

After the cruise I spent the day in the Atlanta sirport trying to get home (the joys of cheap travel and flying standby). I fnally made it home in the wee hours of the morning. Ashleigh came home the next day for her three week vacation from school. We had just a week before we headed to Grand Junction for Christmas with the family. Ashleigh is 21 years old and has never spent a Christmas at home. We ALWAYS go to Grand Junction (with the exception of one year when she was three when all the relatives came east over the mountains). We have lots of traditions and I wouldn't change a thing.

Last year we lost my grandmother the day after Christmas. She lived a long and happy life and would have been 103 years old in January. She was missed and remembered, but we all felt good that this was the first Christmas she was able to spend with my grandpa...her EC in 17 years. I know they had a very Merry Christmas and we did too.

The new year came and without much hooplah, which is how I like it too tell the truth. And now it's January. January is my busiest time of year at work, but I have vowed to find time to do what I enjoy so stay tuned if you read my blog for the crafty stuff....it's coming soon!

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