Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do something!

Are you a lover of handmade items like

handmade baby quilts, craft fair toys, knit scarfs and hats, retro toys, cloth diaper wraps, hand smocked dresses, collectible dolls, children's books and school supplies

if you love these things then you need to do something about CPSIA. One of my favorite artists and creator of wonderful handmade items for children is Gretchen of Chichiboulie . She has a wonderful post that explains it all here. She even has links to how we can contact our state representatives and senators. The law sounds good in theory; remove all lead from anything a child comes into contact with. But it in reality it would cause so many more problems because ithas not been well written or thought out.

So go ahead and do something to make a difference. I did.

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ChichiBoulie said...

Thank you LeAnne for your support and help in getting the word out. It is so important to keep our children safe, but the laws as they have been written will take so much away from the very little ones they are meant to be protecting!