Saturday, November 15, 2008

Everybody needs a good laugh now and then.

I have been way too busy and stressed out lately. Working more than I really want to. Not sleeping well or feeling great. I don't think there is anything really wrong with me other than too much stress. So in an attempt to relieve some of the stress my friend Emily and I decided to get tickets to the new Improv theatre. We looked through the list of upcoming headliners for a weekend that would work for both of us. We settled on Pauly Shore.

I know, I know, the Weazel himself. I would classify Pauly Shore as a D-List celebrity (like Kathy Griffin). He had a few stupidly funny movies years ago and hasn't done much since. I reluctantly admit that I actually liked Bio-Dome and Son-In-Law, but I still didn't know what we were getting into.

We arrived before the doors opened for the earliest show on Friday night. When we are ushered in the hostess asks Emily and I if we want to sit in the front row. We say, "sure". She takes us to a table litterally front and center. The edge of our table was actually touching the front of the stage and I could touch the microphone stand (I didn't, that would have been weird, but I could have).

We ate dinner, talked and waited. Of course there were a couple of opening acts. The first guy was short and hairy and he took off his tuxedo t-shirt mid act. At this point I am wondering why we chose to sit front and center (can I just say, eeewwww) . I don't even remember his name.

The second guy was a local guy. His name was Dick Black (yes, that is his real name) and he was VERY funny.

Finally we get to our headliner, Pauly Shore. I am not really sure what to expect. The guy may be 40 years old. He may not have had a hit movie since 1996, but he was funny! There were several times when I was laughing so hard my sides and my cheeks hurt. There were some crude comments and jokes, there might even have been a point where he had his foot on our table while doing some strange gyrations (sp?) but he delivered. He even stuck around for pics afterwords.

Thanks Pauly, I needed that. I feel better today. Maybe laughter really IS the best medicine.


Debra Bonson said...

OMG! Too funny! I am too much of a chicken to go anywhere near the front row :) Next time we are together (to work on the top part of the blog) you also need to show me how to list whose blogs I follow. Cause I see that you put mine :) Take it easy...take a bath and let calgon take you away :)

Susan said...

Sounds like a blast! Those are always the greatest times. A long time ago when I was stationed in Washington DC, a group of us went to this little hidden bar. They always had live performers and you never knew who would be there. We saw Muddy Waters, a great blues singer, and The Average White Band (I'm really dating myself here!). Not both on the same time, but they were just sitting out in the audience like everyone else. Great people and extraordinary musicians. Sometimes we don't give entertainers enough credit. Glad you had fun!

(tinxmagic) Laura said...

This is AWESOME!!! I wish I had known this before Sunday night so I could have asked you all kinds of questions when we were together! This is sooo cool. I can't wait to hear more!
Great picture of you by the way!