Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Win some original ChichiBoulie Artwork

Wanna win some ChichiBoulie original art hand watercolored just for you???? Check out her blog for a chance to win and help out an amazing family at the same time. Click here to find out more. Right now I have the highest bid but I really want someone to beat me and give more to this family.

To find out more about the family and their tragic accident click here. To donate directly click on the Nie Recovery button to your right. To send a card to decorate their recovery room .

c/o c jane
2250 N. University Parkway #4876
Provo, Utah 84604-1590


ChichiBoulie said...


Thank you so much for your support. You women are wonderful, truly!

Could you email me at

Many Thanks

Rebecca said...

Your on the blogosphere!!! I love it! Thanks for checking in. When are you coming over for dinner? What is your schedule?

Rebecca said...

I need your email address and your cell number again, my child ruined my cell phone before I could numbers off it.