Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Changes, Closed Doors and Opened Windows etc...

As I sit here writing this post I am starting to freak out just a bit.
BIG changes are headed my way in the very near future.

I am getting really excited for lots of reasons, but freaking out for just as many. I am NOT ready, and I am not sure there are enough hours left in the days ahead to get as ready as I should be. Maybe my insomnia will serve me well in the next 10 days...
AHHHHHHH...I only have 10 days!!!!  

Sorry, just another momentary lapse of sanity.
It's been happening a lot lately.

I have lived in Colorado for 42 years, that is a VERY long time. I have been in the Denver metro area since 1985 when I was just a young lass fresh out of High School (4 days out to be exact). And now I am about about to embark on a journey that will take me to a new place, and new adventure and hopefully a new job. It has not been an easy decision to make. In fact it has been a really hard one. But I need to start again, to find my purpose again, to feel needed and useful again.

A year and a half of unemployment has taken its toll. I feel stuck, in a rut, stagnant, depressed and just about any other phrase you can think of for ICKY. So when I found out I was going to have to move anyway (darn economy + darn housing market + darn unemployment = darn foreclosure) it set in motion a lot of things. If I had to find a new place to live anyway why not make a fresh start someplace new, right?

 I rolled around the idea of moving to Utah to look for work. I even planned a trip to go out and stay with friends and scout out the area. That trip fell through when stuff came up here that I had to deal with (house junk) so I was still thinking about it when my friend told my daughter who was visiting Provo from Cedar City to, "Just tell your mom to pick a date and we will be there to help her move, and she can stay with us." I wasn't there so I don't know exactly how the conversation went down but that was the general idea. When Ashleigh told me I thought, really?? You know how friends and acquaintances always say stuff in conversations but you are not sure if they really mean it. Things like, "Let's do lunch sometime." or "Call me if you need anything at all." or "Sure, I will watch your six kids for a weekend." etc. We have all said things like that. I honestly think that for most of us we do mean them in theory, we just hope we are never actually called on it. Am I right?

So I thought about it, and I prayed about it and then I called my friend Angie. I asked her. "Are you sure?" and you know what she said YES! I cannot express how thankful (tis the season for thankfulness, right) I am to have such a wonderful friend. She and her husband and her entire family are willing to make huge sacrifices to help me. I don't know how I will ever repay them (but I am willing to cook, clean, do laundry and take care of children so that might help.)

Photo by Patti Merrill
So meet my new family. I will be their new Sister Wife (JUST KIDDING...we are not THAT kind of Mormons)! I love them and have missed them so much since they left Denver 5 years ago. I am excited and I hope I don't overstay my welcome (I promise it won't be 5 years).

I already have a couple of leads on jobs in the area. There are lots of tech companies and many of the BIG craft companies in the area, my two strengths, so hopefully finding a job there will be easier than it has proved to be here. My dream job is to work on the corporate side of one of the major craft companies, and I WILL do it, just give me time! So if you know anyone looking to hire an eager worker in the Salt lake City/Provo area let me know.

To all my Colorado friends and family I say so long, because I will never really say Good-Bye to Colorado. I will miss so many of the people and things here. I have made some amazing friends and had some awesome experiences but as I prepare to leave I choose think of my life here as a chapter in the great book that is my life.

I am not closing the book,
I am only turning the page.

Wish me luck!


Natalie said...

Aw, LeAnne, I'm crying!! I'll miss you so much!!! I will definitely have to stop in for a visit the next time we make a trip to Utah. You will be sorely missed. Love you!!!

Christy Bateman Mathatas said...

It sucks for us, I will really miss you! But I'm happy you're getting a new start and if you want a corporate scrapbook gig, it seems like Utah is a great place to find it. Good luck and come back to visit!

Debra said...

Best of Luck LeAnne. You are brave and going on an incredible journey! Colorado will always be here (there) and so will your friends. I know there is a lot of uncertainty, maybe a little panic, and a lot of nerves, but you will handle it all with such grace and class! Can't wait to see how it all unfolds on your blog :) Yay for technology!! xo

Reb said...

I echo what Natalie said. I will miss you! But to be a sister wife with Angie Dean, minus the wifery duties, that's awesome! Please keep in touch.

*Ashleigh* said...

I love you mama! I am excited to have you closer, and sad to be saying goodbye to the only "home" I have ever known. I know good things are to come. Yesterday I saw a sign in Deseret that said "Home is where your mom is"....I couldn't agree more. Wherever you are, that will be home.